Training Schedule

BusinessCoach Inc. aspires to present the best business seminars in the Philippines with an emphasis on practical business training. Improving your operations or starting a business is easier with experienced and expert guidance. In our business seminars and workshops, you will discover management or operational techniques that you can immediately apply.


*Please click the seminar titles, to view full details of the programmes.


The food business is one of the largest industry in the Philippines. Demand is stable since food is a necessity.

Starting a Food Cart Business – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

How to Start a Coffee Shop Business with Barista Training – To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Be a Canteen Concessionaire – To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Plan and Operate a Restaurant – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Modern Restaurant Management and Operations – January 18, 2021 (P 3,500)

How to Start a Catering Business – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Cost Control of Food and Labor in Restaurants and Other Food Business – January 25, 2021 (P 3,500)


Opening a business in this category is generally less stressful since their products and services help maintain health.

How to Start a Drugstore Business – January 30, 2021 (P3,500)

Starting a Spa Business – January 19, 2021 (P3,500)


People who are skilled in computers may find the ventures here very profitable.

Project Management for IT Professionals (SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT) – To Be Announced

Microsoft Office Excel (Intermediate) – February 6, 2021 (P 3,500)


Business opportunities here deal with money as the product.

How to Start a Money Changing Business – To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Start a Micro-Lending Business – To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Start and Operate a Pawnshop – January 22, 2021 (P3,500)


Real Estate Marketing – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Building and Property Management– To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Starting a Property Rental Business – January 28, 2021 (P 3,500)

Real Estate Property Appraisal – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Condominium Management Principles and Practices – January 26, 2021 (P 3,500)


The businesses here are of widely differing variety. Fortunately, most of them can be started with small capital.

Soap Making, Shampoo, Lotion, and Perfume Making Business – January 20, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Operate a Janitorial Business– February 9, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Start a Junk Shop and Scrap Trading Business – January 28, 2021 (P3,500)

Travel and Tour Management Program (3 Days) – March 8, 9 and 10, 2021 (P10,500)

How to Start and Manage a Preschool or Day Care Center – January 26, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Start and Operate a Printing Press Business – January 21, 2021 (P3,500)

How To Set Up A Local Manpower Business – January 19, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Start a Pet Shop Business– January 25, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Start a Silk Screen Printing Business – February 3, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Start a Corporate Giveaways and Souvenir Items Business – March 3, 2021 (P3,500)

Starting a Water Refilling Station Business – January 21, 2021 (P3,500)

Starting a Flower Shop Business – To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Start and Manage a Security Agency– To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Start and Manage an International Recruitment Agency – To Be Announced (P3,500)

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business – February 2, 2021 (P 3,500)

Hotel and Resort Operations and Management – January 26, 2021 (P 3,500)

How to Start a Trucking Business – January 23, 2021 (P 3,500)

How to Start and Operate a Beauty Salon – January 27, 2021 (P 3,500)

Starting a Hardware and Construction Supplies Business – To Be Announced (P 3,500)


Starting a business can come from your hobbies. You could even do it at home.

Gift Wrapping, Gift Basket, and Ribbon Making Workshop – March 31, 2021 (P3,500)


Those who enjoy meeting people will like these business opportunities.

How to Start a Balloon and Party Needs Business – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Wedding and Debut Planning and Coordination Business – January 18, 2021 (P3,500)

Events Management Training – January 15, 2021 (P 3,500)

Events Hosting Techniques Workshop – January 25, 2021 (P 3,500)

Effective Meeting Management – To Be Announced (P 3,500)


Project Management Fundamentals – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Kaizen Training for Continuous Improvement – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Conducting Interviews, Recruitment and Employee Selection – February 13, 2021 (P 3,500)

Digital Recruitment Process, Tools and Best Practices – February 11, 2021 (P3,500)

Training the Trainers– January 21, 2021 (P3,500)

Effective Presentation Skills – March 2, 2021 (P 3,500)

Human Resource Management Training – January 27, 2021 (P 3,500)

Training for Executive Assistants – February 15, 2021 (P3,500)

Seminar on How to Compute Salaries, Wages, and Benefits – January 30, 2021 (P 3,500)

Fundamentals of Organizational Development – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Training Evaluation: Measuring the Impact of Training – March 13, 2021 (P 3,500)

Competency-Based Development of HR Policies and Procedures – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Competency-Based Salary Structure Design – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Training Needs Analysis – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Personality Development – January 15, 2021 (P3,500)

Professional Image Enhancement Workshop – February 22, 2021 (P 3,500)

Work Attitude and Value Enhancement (WAVE) Program – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Effective Employee and Labor Relations Management – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Labor Law Compliance for Business – January 30, 2021 (P 3,500)

Competency-Based Succession Planning – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Handling Grievance, Discipline, Termination and Dismissal – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Improving Performance Using Balanced Scorecard – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Effective Change Management – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

How to Deal with Office Politics – January 25, 2021 (P 3,500)

Effective Company Culture Building – March 15, 2021 (P 3,500)

Effective Time and Stress Management – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Effective Conflict Management – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Basic Contracts – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Onboarding: Creating the Best New Hire Experience – January 14, 2021 (P 3,500)

Six Sigma for HR Professionals – February 4, 2021 ( 3,500)


Competitive Selling Techniques – January 14, 2021 (P3,500)

Customer Service Training – January 26, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Handle Difficult Customers – February 17, 2021 (P 3,500)

Training for Store Front Liners – January 27, 2021 (P 3,500)

How to Close a Sale – January 23, 2021 (P 3,500)

Effective Telemarketing and Cold Calling Techniques – February 8, 2021 (P 3,500)

How to Handle Customer Complaints – January 18, 2021 (P 3,500)

Account Management for Sales Improvement – January 15, 2021 (P3,500)

Project Sales Management – January 30, 2021 (P3,500)


Effective Communication Skills Training – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Effective Business Writing (Memos, Emails, Agendas, Meeting Minutes) – January 16, 2021 (P 3,500)

Technical Writing for Beginners – January 30, 2021 (P 3,500)

Telephone Skills Training– February 2, 2021 (P3,500)


Coaching Skills Training to Improve Employee Performance – To Be Announced (P3,500)

People Management Skills Training – January 18, 2021 (P 3,500)

Employee Engagement and Motivation – February 10, 2021 (P 3,500)

Effective Team Leaders’ Guide to Teamwork and Team Building – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Basic Supervisory Skills Training– January 23, 2021 (P3,500)

Advanced Supervisory Skills Training – February 6, 2021 (P 3,500)

Basic Training for New Managers – January 16, 2021 (P 3,500)

Basic Leadership Training – January 19, 2021 (P 3,500)

Negotiation and Assertiveness Training – February 5, 2021 (P3,500)

Facilities Management Training – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning – February 17, 2021 (P 3,500)

Managing the Millennials – February 20, 2021 (P 3,500)

Middle Management Training and Development – February 1, 2021 (P3,500)


Records and Filing Management – January 28, 2021 (P3,500)

Effective Office Administration – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Electronic Records Management – January 23, 2021 (P 3,500)

Training for Receptionists – To Be Announced (P 3,500)


Effective Warehouse and Inventory Management– To Be Announced (P3,500)

Supply Chain Management – March 13, 2021 (P3,500)

Purchasing Management– To Be Announced (P3,500)

Production and Operations Management Fundamentals – To Be Announced

Total Quality Management (TQM) Best Practices – To Be Announced

Freight Forwarding and Multi Modal Transport – January 16, 2021 (P3,500)


Business Taxation Made Easy – To Be Announced (P7,000)

Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants – To Be Announced (P7,000)

Handling BIR Tax Assessments – February 19, 2021 (P3,500)

Internal Control and Auditing – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Financial Statement Analysis – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Estate Planning Seminar – March 28, 2021 (P 3,500)

Employees’ Withholding and Fringe Benefits Tax – January 15, 2021 (P 3,500)

Expanded Withholding Tax and Final Withholding Tax – January 22, 2021 (P 3,500)

Cash Flow Management and Forecasting – To Be Announced

Value Added Tax and Other Percentage Tax – March 5, 2021 (P 3,500)

Latest Issuances for Effective Tax Compliance and Interpretation of Tax Laws: New Administrative Issuances and Latest Court Decisions – February 5, 2021 (P 3,500)

The Essentials of Income Tax and Preparation of Income Tax Return (ITR) – February 26, 2021 (P 3,500)

All About TRAIN Law and Latest BIR Implementing Regulations – January 29, 2021 (P 3,500)


The business seminars here are essential functions or are very useful to an enterprise.

Credit and Collection Seminar – To Be Announced (P3,500)

Effective Collection Management and Strategies – February 1, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Import: Procedures and Documentations – February 6, 2021 (P3,500)

Food Safety (A Basic Training on HACCP) – January 23, 2021 (P3,500)

How to Plan and Start a Business – February 3, 2021 (P3,500)

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) – February 27, 2021 (P 3,500)

Six Sigma For Quality Improvement – To Be Announced (P 3,500)

NOTE: Schedule may change without prior notice. Please call to confirm.  

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  1. Hanna says:

    Hi pano po mag pa register para po sa soap making seminar on nov 8?

  2. rose says:

    Hi! Where is the location of ur ofc?

  3. vinz says:

    hi, do you have any training/seminars related to accounting in davao city scheduled this october 2016?

  4. mercedita says:

    do you conduct training on how to raise poultry and piggery business

  5. lilybeth says:

    meronnpo ba kayong sched sa davao city?

  6. ian says:

    do you an office in Davao City?

  7. raquel says:

    are you conducting seminars in davao region thanks interested in meat shop business.

  8. Carmen says:

    Schedule for Laundry shop business July 2012?

  9. Marichel says:

    Hi Good Morning, just want to ask if you have travel and tour training schedule after June 6..thanks…

  10. roma says:

    regarding how to start a coffee shop.. is it a one day seminar only?

  11. Remigio says:

    do have schedule for Water Refilling station business seminar on sept. 2012? I am planning to start up this kind of business most probably in the first quarter of 2013. thank you very much.

  12. thess says:

    pls notify me if you have another seminar schedule for canteen concessionaire because i’m not available on March 24 schedule. Thanks..

  13. llena says:

    Im working abroad and will be in Philippines around Mid or End April
    Do you have any seminar schedule for Jewelry making from April to May 15 onwards. kindly let me know.t ks.

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