Sophia B. Penaranda – “It was very informative, I enjoyed the 1 day training; because of this training we started a small business already and I plan to attend any training that your company will have especially if it interests me the most.”

Aida Villanueva – “BusinessCoach provides participants opportunities to embark on business. It equips them emerging skills that will allow them to improve their earning capacity. I enjoyed performing the task the speaker taught us. I couldn’t believe I could do tasks other than those I used to do.”

Lilibeth Galban – “The fee is worth it, and the speaker shared all the info that she knows. She is very accommodating and friendly.”

Camille Fallorina – “The speaker was very accommodating. I really learned a lot. I am hoping to attend future seminars. Thanks.”

Olivia Solidum – “The speaker is very knowledgeable about the topic, easy to approach; there’s not much formality – he is just like a friend who gives you tips, secrets of the trade which is very helpful for a beginner.”

Vida Anne Dela Peña – “For someone who has no accounting background, it’s amazing that I was able to understand the lesson very well. I have gained the basic knowledge required. The speaker was also nice enough to extend extra hours.”

Celizar Aglibot – “The seminar is very informative; lecturer presents actual examples and experience.”

Vivian Tan – “Generally addressed, what I needed. The interactive atmosphere of discussion is encouraging and provided a learning experience for the group.”

Liway Tayag – “BusinessCoach is the place to be! The seminar on crafts has been very enlightening, fun, and fruitful!!! Anyone – anyone at all – can be in the business!”

Geremae Garcia– “BusinessCoach’s seminars provides fast and efficient information about the topics they are offering. The speakers are very knowledgeable about what they are discussing.”

Alita Malig – “The presentation and lecture was clearly presented. It is more than good…. quite excellent.”

Kristoffer Cardona – “I had a very good time, and the learning experience was very good. The speaker was very knowledgeable about the topic at hand.”

Evelyn Cabarles – “Excellent job! Friendly staff!”

Noemi Tarrayo – “Seminar provided good value for money.”

Danilo Dela Torre – “Conduct seminars in the provinces, including schools and government agencies, because of your excellent speakers and presentations.”

Maria Lourdes Baello – “BusinessCoach gives participants opportunities to venture into business.”

Melissa Castro – “The speaker is very accommodating. I don’t have any hesitation to ask her if I have some questions. I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Esperanza Manalo – “Everything is very good and informative. The coach is very good. Thank you very much.”

Armi Rose R. Santiago – “The speaker is very amiable and answers the questions directly.”

Ruiz Aznar – “Overall, I did not expect Business Coach to be professional looking and true to its commitment. Very dedicated.”

Merrick James Malinis – “Business Coach staffs are friendly and accommodating.”

Andee Lim – “This has been one of the most informative and productive seminars I’ve attended without falling asleep.”

Jack Melad – “Thanks for holding such a great seminar.”

Richelle Pamaran – “BusinessCoach has a good venue, good ambience. The comfort room also is nice and clean.”

Maria Karla L. Mendez – “The seminar was good and very informative.”

Rova Arciaga – “The venue is accessible, conducive to learning. The staffs are accommodating.”

Adam C. Sy – “Speechless! I had attended webhosting seminar in another training institute, but this seminar provided more views and insights!”

Christina Casamina – “The speaker is good, she showed a lot of integrity, and confidence in her knowledge of the topic.”

Margot Paguio – “Employees are friendly, the classroom and office are clean and conducive to learning/workshop set-up.”

Atty. Jennifer Sobremonte – “All in all, the seminar was great and the lecturer excellent.”

Merlyn Torre – “Great topic; fun and enjoyable!”

Daisy Mauhay – “Friendly environment and speaker.”

John Pineda – “Very good speaker. Very nice and accommodating staff.”

Rita Young – “Resource speaker was very effective, down to earth and approachable, really excels in her topic and field.”

Mary Ann Serrano – “Outstanding speaker! Power and prayers to you.”

Adelaida Geronimo – “Good speaker – Thank you very much.”

Weena Jennifer Espardines – “The speaker was very approachable. She was clear and very knowledgeable on the subject.”

Angel Manlapaz – “Well organized. Courteous staff.”

Elma Gomera – “The speaker is very courteous, and addressed the questions ahead of the participants. Very practical knowledge and not just theoretical
the speaker was able to impart.”

Eden Magbanua – “I’ve learned a lot, and the speaker had been honest in her discussion regarding the business.”

Necyfora Dulay – “Good and very informative. I’ve learned a lot.”

Derrick Lara – Businesscoach provides sound principles and practical application is truly discussed. It’s a good investment when starting a

Kenneth Vincent Jaingue – “Very good…”

Beth Aglugub – “The seminar was extensive and very informative, giving you a good foundation of the business.”

Charles Chante – “Keep up the good work.”

Krisna Isabel Ventura – “Seminar is very informative; concepts were explained and backed-up with practical applications.”

Aimee Gonzalez – “More power, and hope you will extend your services in Cebu.”

Jacqueline Ordoña – “Generally, the seminar was very good.”

Olivia Solidum – “I like the speaker, because she made the topic interesting, very casual, and yet my questions were answered.”

Dan Garcia – “The seminar was fun and informative.”

Joewilo Olmo – “Everything is organized and perfect..”

Manilyn Yao – Overall, I learned a lot in the seminar. Thanks for providing us a venue to learn more about food cart business.

Drew Alianan – “Great job! Keep it up! Fantastic lectures – gives participants a comprehensive view of the related industry. The speaker shared all that he knows, gave expert advice and kept nothing out unexplained.”

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