Production and Operations Management Fundamentals

Production and Operations Management Fundamentals (1)Production and Operations Management Fundamentals (2)

Production and Operations Management Fundamentals

Focus: production management seminar, operations management seminar, lean manufacturing

TIME: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

VENUE: Unit 201 Richbelt Tower, 17 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

SCHEDULE: Please call (02) 8727.88.60 / (02) 8727.56.28 or call/text mobile numbers 0926.622.0768 or 0933.584.7266. You may also click here to view schedule of the Business Training Program


There is a growing and widespread competition in the manufacturing industry nowadays coupled by unending production problems not to mention the rising prices of supplies, unavailability of resources, increasing fuel and energy costs and strict government legislations. Some might opt to stay in business but choose the less costly maneuvers to the extent of sacrificing the quality of their products and services. In order to compete, these firms must be ready to steer their operations in order to sustain their businesses.

This seminar will discuss some strategies and techniques that can be adopted to counteract the impact of the situations cited. This will require timely production planning and decision making that entails capacity planning, lay-out and site planning. Adopting lean manufacturing practices is also another approach in cutting production costs without sacrificing product/service quality. Other concepts such as make or buy decision making and outsourcing are also very vital strategies in order to stay in business. This one-day seminar intends to enlighten the participants on these production maneuvering concepts as well as give insights on how to achieve the ultimate objectives of the firm.


1. To guide the seminar participants in adopting the feasible plans resulting from capacity planning, lay-out and site planning.

2. To enable the participants to appreciate and adopt the different concepts of lean manufacturing.

3. To guide the participants in doing make or buy decisions and outsourcing decisions


Module 1. A Review of the Basic Components of Production Planning

1. Capacity Planning
2. Lay-out Planning
3. Site Selection

Module 2. Adopting Feasible Production Plans

1. Capacity Planning Alternatives
2. Choosing the Best Production Lay-out
3. Site Selection Considerations

Module 3. Lean Manufacturing Concepts

1. Reduction in Production Wastes
2. Lean Leadership
3. Lean Services
4. Kaizen
5. Kanban System
6. Just-in-Time System in Production

Module 4. Other Production Maneuvering Strategies

1. Make or Buy Decision Making
2. Outsourcing and Outsourcing Considerations

Note: Please bring a calculator

SEMINAR FEE: Php 3,500.00 per person (inclusive of snacks, lunch, drinks, seminar kit, handouts, certificate)

DISCOUNT: Php 500.00 Discount if FULL AMOUNT is paid at least five (5) days before the event.

• Deposit payment at Banco de Oro. Savings Account Name: BusinessCoach, Inc. Then kindly fax deposit slip (indicate name of participant and seminar title) to confirm reservation.
• On-site payment (CASH only)
• Company checks are accepted, provided that they are received at least five (5) banking days before the event.

RESERVATION:  Please call telephone (02) 8727.88.60, (02) 8727.56.28,  0926.622.0768 or 0933.584.7266. For other inquiries, kindly leave a message at the comment box below.

CANCELLATION BY ATTENDEE: Registrant may refund amount paid, with less 30% processing charge from the LISTED AMOUNT within 30 days, or opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within 60 days. Cancellation must be done at least 2 days before the event. Non-appearance or failure to inform us of cancellation will result to forfeiture of full amount paid.

CANCELLATION BY BUSINESS COACH: Registrant may refund full amount paid within 30 days, or may opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within sixty days of cancellation.

REFUND POLICY: Payment may be refunded upon presentation of the original copy of bank deposit slip and a valid ID. Cash refund is strictly implemented, and may be availed only at the Business Coach office in San Juan City, Metro Manila. Business Coach does not deposit refunds.

SCHEDULE: Schedule may change without prior notice. Please call to confirm. Business Coach, Inc. is not liable for any expense incurred by seminar registrant resulting from cancellation of any of our events.

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